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Seven by Seven (7x7) is a creative collective of seven of music’s most significant innovators and the celebrated Belgian Neo-pop artist

Jean Pierre Müller. Their mission is to explore our most spiritual integer, seven.
Müller, along with Robert Wyatt, Nile Rodgers, Terry Riley, Archie Shepp, Mulatu Astatke, Sean O’Hagan and Kassin were inspired by this highly symbolic and inspirational number to create a holistic system through which our world is reimagined and rearranged in an explosion of imagery, sound and colour.
Jean Pierre initiated the creative process by linking the first note of the scale with the first colour of the rainbow, the first chakra and the first day of the week. This opened the door to a whole new world of associations, links and references, which then became the inspiration for a plethora of pop images as well as seven extraordinary musical compositions, which are available in physical form through Müller's interactive sound sculptures.

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