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Robert Wyatt was a founding member of the Soft Machine, who were pioneers of the prog rock genre. As a solo artist he mixes simple and effective keyboard melody lines with poignant lyrics, often filled with personal and political references. He has recently collaborated with Bjork, David Gilmour, Paul Weller, Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera.


Archie Shepp is Coltrane’s disciple and ever daring experimentalist, from his free jazz days and funky political statements to his recent collaboration with Moroccan gnawa musicians. Today, in addition to being a master of the tenor saxophone he has become one of the most profound bluesmen on the scene.


Sean O'Hagan is a founding member of Microdisney. In the 90s he formed The High Llamas and released a number of highly acclaimed albums showing influences as diverse as The Beach Boys, Ennio Morricone, Antonio Carlos Jobim and avant-garde electronica. He has also collaborated extensively with Stereolab, and provided string arrangements for several Super Furry Animals albums.


Mulatu Astatke was musically trained in London, New York City, and Boston where he combined his jazz and Latin music interests with traditional Ethiopian music. Astatke led his band while playing vibraphone and conga drums—instruments that he introduced into Ethiopian popular music.

E-kassin nb.jpg

Kassin, one of the most exciting names in Brazilian music, is carrying with a huge talent the flag of a new Tropicalism. He has produced records by singers like Bebel Gilberto , Vanessa da Mata and Caetano Veloso. he has played bass for cCetano Veloso’s live shows and masterminded the orchestra imperial project, as well as the +2 band, together with Moreno Veloso and Domenico Lancelotti, composing samba but, at the same time, incorporating the sounds of rock funk and Psychedelia into their music.


Nile Rodgers is considered one of the most influential music producers in the history of popular music. He is also the inventor of a unique guitar sound, much copied and sampled (Le Freak, Good Times, Lost in Music, Upside Down....). The career of Nile Rodgers is one of the most enduring and prolific in music. Nile’s signature is scrawled across an amazing array of music - from Madonna to Diana Ross, from David Bowie to Eric Clapton.


Terry Riley is the inventor of Minimalist music, and simply one of the most influential composers of the last fifty years, from contemporary classical music (Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Adams) to electronic music (Kraftwerk) and pop (The Who, Pink Floyd).


Jean Pierre Müller is a Belgian Neo-pop artist who makes vibrant assemblages using high and low forms and techniques. In his work, photography, drawing, silk screen and painting come together and gestural and mechanical interventions meet. As well as being a visual artist, Jean Pierre is also a composer and a musician. He plays the piano in Belgian jazz beat combo Neven.

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